We are Handl

Handl helps companies classify and extract data from documents through API. Our technology merges AI with humans-in-the-loop, allowing us to approach even the most complicated document cases with best-in-class accuracy, speed, and flexibility for client requirements.

Our goal

What is the first step in automating processes in a company? Data. We are the zero step in automation. We've created sets of services that allow banks, insurance companies, logistic companies, oil & gas companies, and retailers to solve more than 90 % of tasks automatically without people involved. We convert all types of documents into structured data so RPA-systems could save employees from routine work, and the company speeds up processes and reduces its costs.

We Handl the complexity of data extraction so you focus on the work you love

Our tools

Humanity has not achieved perfection in adopting and implementing AI. We at Handl believe that AI has great room for further improvements, but, as of now, its results do need double-checking.

The Handl system is self-improving

When mistake is noticed, person not just corrects it but sends the report back to the system so it won’t make the same one again in the future. Thus, Handl deals with recognising checkmarks, handwritten texts, and faces in photos with greater accuracy.

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Dmitry Matskevich

Co-founder and CEO

Alexey Hahunov

Co-founder and CTO

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