Speed up your front-office paperwork

Provide front-office with fast and accurate data entry and document verification services

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Extract content from any source

Handl operates with photos, scans, PDFs, faxes and many more sources. Regardless of your way to receive, the Handl black box gives you an accurate and fast result

Verify customers

Spot a fraudulent document and perform KYC the moment your data is extracted. AI confirms the customer's identity by comparing photos, for example, a passport and a selfie

Plug the data into your existing pipelines

Сonnect seamlessly with your ERP, CRM, BPM, and other customer and document management systems via easy to use API

Client success story

Clients onboarding acceleration for banks


A top-10 largest bank in CEE wanted to automate its offline clients’ onboarding process so it can eliminate manual entry errors and simplify the process for its managers. The bank was seeking the best solution in the data extraction market to work with corner cases the bank experienced.

What we did

Handl provided an API blackbox solution that is able to work with low-quality document scans and other corner cases that none of the competitors can solve. Together with the client's team, Handl has implemented the features specific to client manager needs.


Bank has eliminated manual data entry within new retail clients onboarding process. Client managers have been freed up from routine work. They spend more time with clients than before.

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