Complete an insurance
claim in under 5 minutes

Achieve superhuman accuracy, cut costs and close customer requests in under 5 minutes

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Save on processing costs

Save up to 50% on document processing and operational costs. Services like: classification, identification of attributes, data extraction allow you to free team from routine paperwork and reduce the number of paid hours they previously spent on these tasks.

Accuracy and speed: have it both

Your clients want accurate information and they want it now. Our AI engine satisfies a 5-min SLA and validation with humans guarantee accuracy.

Plug the data into your existing pipelines

Stream any kind of documents to us through API and receive structured data in the format that you need. Outsource the whole function of automation to us without changing your existing pipelines.

Client success story

The Department of Claim Management receives a set of documents confirming the insured event and containing one or several files

  • Up to 15 documents
  • Scans and photos of varying quality
  • Printed and handwritten text


  • Claims management takes 3 days
  • Documents are processed manually by company employees
  • Data is inconsistent and contains errors


  • Claims management takes 15 minutes
  • Documents are processed automatically
  • No data errors
  • Data is full and consistent
  • Costs cutting by 50%

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