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We have automated RPA Data Extraction and Recognition workflow making it easier than ever to process any documents in a company.

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By simply dragging our component into UiPath Studio, you are connected to Handl API so can upload documents and get the data in real time.

Reduce automation costs

No extended customization or template setup needed. With Handl API you focus on robots impact with no borders

Unlock new project opportunities

Make the impossible possible. Now, with Handl, you can create more complicated automations at once

High-scale as needed

We provide a cloud solution which means you can scale your data pipeline with stability guaranteed, thanks to our cloud load balancing

Speeding up onboarding with RPA and Handl


A top-3 largest bookmaker agency in CEE wanted to speed up customer onboarding process because of a low conversion rate. The company was seeking an easy-to-integrate solution with no customization of the input data pipeline.

What we did

Working together with a UiPath gold integration partner, Handl provided an API black box for processing CIS countries IDs. The UiPath robot receives user's documents scans and photos, Handl extracts the necessary data, then robot transfers the data into the client's internal databases.


As a result, Handl, together with UiPath, in over than 90$ cases, completely automated on-boarding process with money and time saving compare to manual data entry.

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