Intelligent Document Processing for Accounting

Focus on more important tasks leaving the routine to computers

Improve document driven processes

Experience the future of accounting document processing: AI-enabled use cases showcasing unmatched precision and speed

Better auditing and reporting on expenses

Automatic fraud detection on receipts. Reduce time to prepare expense reports.

Faster Processing of Accounts Payable

Automate manual data entry increasing staff efficiency and reducing errors. Focus your team in more value-added tasks.

Improved Payment Processing

Work effectively with structured and unstructured documents containing handwritten text.

Gain insights in customer spending

Learn more about customer spending behaviour by classifying bank transactions and reading receipt and invoice line item data.

Implement accounting features

Add value to your mobile apps by implementing scanning and recognising for receipts and invoices via our APIs and SDKs.

Digitise archives and workflows

Get paper archives into digital, searchable formats. Improve workflows to speed up delivery and reduce cost.

Mitigate risk

Avoid manual data entry errors that result in overpayments and penalties across your operation that reduce revenue and affect established vendor relationships.

Use cases

Witness AI-driven innovation at work: enhancing financial services through intelligent document recognition and data capture.

Processing time
Cost reduction

Our technology components

Unlock the power of AI in accounting document processing with our advanced tools, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies for optimal results.

Document classifier

Document aligner

Field cropper  

Data extraction

Human validation

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