Intelligent Document Processing for Insurance

Accelerating insurance document processing with intelligent automation

Improve document driven processes

Our solutions can benefit you on public cloud, private cloud or even on premise. Whatever suits your business needs best.

Speed up claim processing

Automation of the claims processing workflow, reduce manual data entry errors, and improve the speed and accuracy of claims processing.

Policy management

Digitize and extract data from policy documents, including insurance applications, policies, and endorsements.


Data extraction from various sources, such as credit reports and public records, to help insurers assess risk and make underwriting decisions.

Prevent Fraud Detection

Scan and analyze large volumes of insurance claims data to identify patterns of fraud.

AI-powered Identity Verification

ID verification, biometric verification, face scan and matching, liveness detection, MRZ reading, ID data matching

Digitize archives and workflows

Get paper archives into digital, searchable formats. Improve workflows to speed up delivery and reduce cost.

Mitigate risk

Avoid manual data entry errors that result in overpayments and penalties across your operation that reduce revenue and affect established vendor relationships.

Use cases

Discover the power of AI in action: transforming insurance document management for unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Processing time
Cost reduction

Our technology components

Experience the transformational Impact of Handl’s AI-powered solutions on insurance document management, streamlining operations for Improved outcomes

Document classifier

Document aligner

Field cropper  

Data extraction

Human validation

Let us Handl your paperflow

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