Intelligent Document Processing for Financial Services

Enhance the precision and promptness of your decision-making by automating progressively intricate financial services procedures

Enhance document-based procedures

Our offerings are adaptable to public cloud, private cloud, or even on-premises environments, catering to your specific business requirements.

Automate accounts payable processes

Digitalize and automate expense and/or invoice handling, approvals, and payments.

Enhance KYC and customer onboarding

Swiftly authenticate new clients using intelligent identity document analysis on websites or apps.

Mitigate fraud and maintain compliance

Automate compliance assessments on contracts, financial records, and identification documents.

Explore consumer expenditure trends

Understand client spending habits by categorizing bank transactions and analyzing receipt and invoice data.

Incorporate accounting functionalities

Enrich your mobile applications by integrating receipt and invoice scanning and recognition through our APIs and SDKs.

Digitalize archives and streamline workflows

Convert paper archives into searchable digital formats and optimize workflows for faster delivery and reduced costs.

Accelerate loan and mortgage applications

Automatically manage, categorize incoming documents, extract details, and cross-verify data points.

Use cases

Witness AI-driven innovation at work: enhancing financial services through intelligent document recognition and data capture.

Processing time
Cost reduction

Our technology components

Harness the power of AI to streamline document processing in financial services, enhancing precision, speed, and operational excellence

Document classifier

Document aligner

Field cropper  

Data extraction

Human validation

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