Our mission

Make data handling a path to freedom* from paperwork for every company
in the world

*If you spend at least an hour a day working on documents you need freedom

  • We are Handl


    Handl helps companies classify and extract data from documents through API using AI. Our work is guided by understanding and meeting our clients' specific needs, as we advance in the field of AI to enhance business operations

  • Goal


    We convert documents into structured data to save employees from routine work and let them focus on the work they love. We dream all the companies in the world could speed up processes and reduce its costs easily using Handl

  • Tools


    Handl deals with recognising documents, checkmarks, handwritten texts and faces in photos. Our technology merges AI with humans-in-the-loop, allowing us to approach even the most complicated document cases with best-in-class accuracy, speed and flexibility


Did you know that?

A :


is the year of foundation. Handl's ample experience ensures top-quality work for you

B :


We have gathered world leading data scientists and engineers

C :


We are graduates of Y Combinator — the best accelerator in the world

Our story

Broadening Industry Impact

Tailoring solutions to specific industry needs, ranging from logistics and insurance to banking, finance, and accounting, demonstrating Handl's versatility and effectiveness across various sectors

Continuous Improvement

Rapid deployment facilitated through APIs, with ongoing machine learning enhancements to improve accuracy and efficiency over time, reflecting Handl.ai's commitment to evolving with the needs of its clients​​

Ongoing Evolution

Incorporation of Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) validation service to streamline manual data verification processes, reduce costs and achieve high scalability and full automation

Handl.ai establishes itself as a comprehensive Intelligent Document Processing solution​​

Subsequent Period

Development of advanced AI for fraud detection to swiftly identify and mitigate document fraud, alongside achieving an 88% accuracy rate in handwriting recognition, significantly surpassing industry standards​​

After Launch

Introduction of core features focusing on the efficient handling of complex and unstructured documents, such as contracts and emails

Handl.ai also offers flexible deployment options to accommodate the security needs of various organizations, particularly in finance and insurance

March 2018

Handl.ai is launched with the vision of transforming the way businesses handle documents

The platform aims to convert documents into actionable data through advanced machine learning, serving industries such as logistics, insurance, finance and accounting

We provide not services, but paths

Choose your path to     freedom


Document Classification

The classifier algorithm finds documents in the image and assigns them a document type


Document Recognition

The algorithm finds and cuts out information fields from the document


Manual Recognition

The additional module for manual verification of recognition results to provide the highest data accuracy



The algorithm quickly recognizes forgeries in documents


Face Recognition & Document Reconciliation

Handl provides three methods for face detection:
• image with people's faces
• images to compare
• selfie of a person holding the document

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