We recognize 500 types of documents

If you can't find it doesn't mean

the documents you need we can't recognize them

If you can't find the documents you need it doesn't mean we can't recognize them


The types of documents we work with

Recognizable documents

Need to go beyond text? We can also Handl photos

Selfies of a man with a passport
  • Found in database
  • No metadata
  • Photo authenticity
  • Visual modifications


Navigate the online world with confidence, knowing we’re always on guard against fraud
Handl’s antifraud system has filters through which it processes each character in the document. After our verification, you can be assured that the documents are not falsified

Selfie check

Discover how a client's selfie can instantly confirm their identity
Our service effectively compares a user's self-taken photo with other photos, suchas a government-issued ID, to verify identity
Selfies of a man with a passport
  • No match
Selfies of a man with a passport
  • 99% liveness

Liveness detection

Confirm that the scanned biometric input is genuine, such as a human face, instead of a false or recreated image of one
By analyzing simple actions or physical responses, we can confirm presence live. This crucial security measure effectively wards off identity theft. It’s our way of making sure that every user is verified

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