Our partners


Newo is a company based in Silicon Valley, is the creator of the drag-n-drop low-code builder of the Digital Employees. Unlike ChatGPT, Newo Intelligent Agents can be connected to the corporate ERPs, CRMs and knowledge bases, and act according to corporate guidelines augmenting human rolesby undertaking entire business functions

Kuinji & partners

Kuinji's ecosystem consist of 650 experts providing invaluable guidanceand support to startups, fostering innovation and growth. In 2023 alone, we processed 300 startups, leading to the active launch of 32 ventures, each poised for impactful growth and market disruption

Toloka AI

Toloka is a global tech company that develops a platform and environment to support data-related processes across the entire ML lifecycle. The Toloka environment allows data scientists and ML teams to get ML solutions to production faster