Intelligent Document Processing for Transportation and Logistics

Automate routine logistic paperwork processes to make better decisions

Get accurate data from documents faster and error free

Automate transport
orders processing

Recognize and extract 
all necessary data from DO
 to create subsequent 
documents faster

Speed up custom
form recognition

Automate capturing of tariff and manifest information for every line item in a shipment

Improve POD data capturing

Capture detailed delivery information from receipts and signed bills of lading 
for faster invoicing and reduce DSO`s

Accounts payable automation

Digitise and automate the expense and/or invoice processing, approvals and payments.

Eliminate errors and fraud detection

Recognize errors, 
duplicates, and fraud 
including digital and physical documentforgery

Digitize technical 
documentation on vehicles

Capture and extract detailed 
information for processing 
and digital archiving of all 
necessary documents for 
your vehicles

Use cases

Processing time
Cost reduction

Our technology components

Document classifier

Document aligner

Field cropper  

Data extraction

Human validation

Let us Handl your paperflow

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